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Dollarcompensationstatements.Com, A Web-Based Total Compensation And Benefit Statement Generator That Employers Can Use To Create Personalized Total Compensation And Benefits Statements

SBF Communications launched DollarCompensationStatements.com, a revolutionary new web-based total compensation and benefit statement generator that will change the way the industry approaches creating benefit statements. We offer the only self-service tool that employers and benefits brokers can use to create personalized total compensation and benefits statements for $1 to $2 per personalized statement.

DollarCompensationStatements.com saves employers up to 75% off of the amount they would otherwise pay traditional compensation and benefit statement service providers. Our straight forward pricing approach makes it cost effective to provide personalized total compensation and benefit statements to companies of all sizes. We have:

  • No set up fee
  • No minimum order
  • No wait
  • No risk — preview before you pay

The total rewards package employers provide their employees is one of their biggest expenses, yet employees don’t recognize the cost of health benefits and other perks as part of their total reward package. DollarCompensationStatements.com provides an inexpensive solution for employers of all sizes. Employers can:

  • Customize their introduction letter
  • Brand with their logo
  • Create statements with attention-grabbing charts
  • Eliminate lead times — statements are print ready in minutes
  • Pay a lot less

The self-service functionality is easy to use, you:

  • Select your statement
  • Upload your customized data
  • Preview your statements
  • Pay
  • Print

For more information about DollarCompensationStatements.com visit www.dollar-compensation-statements.com or contact us directly at 404.474.7947 or info@dollar-compensation-statements.com

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