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‘No Strings’ Free Training Offer for New Finance Recruits

With more than 80% of training budgets cut or frozen, Reed Finance has teamed up with one of the country’s leading learning providers to offer a free training course to employers that recruit a new, qualified-level finance professional on a permanent basis.

'No Strings' Free Training Offer for New Finance Recruits

With many of Reed Learning’s courses accredited by ACCA and CIMA, the free training can count towards the attendee’s Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements. There are no strings – any one, two or three-day course is free – and the training can be attended by either the new recruit or the hiring manager. “By partnering with an established learning provider and offering free personal and professional development training courses, including 50 different CIMA Master Courses, Reed Finance is helping organisations to make their HR & Training budgets go even further,” commented Reed Finance Director Tim Vye.”Bringing in a new, senior-level finance professional is a significant investment for any organisation. In an uncertain economic climate, our offer of free training helps this investment deliver even greater return.”

About Reed Finance
Reed Finance specialises in the recruitment of senior and executive-level finance professionals, both permanent and interim, across all industry sectors. Through a national network of branches, Reed Finance provides tailored recruitment solutions based upon individual client requirements and an impressive resource when it comes to finding financial services jobs.

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Joslin Rowe Questions Whether The Lowest Point For HR Recruitment In London Has Passed

Joslin Rowe, the specialist recruitment company, has reported a recent noticeable upturn in HR recruitment following a year long slide in City HR job volumes. While most of 2009 has been characterised by a continuing slump in HR recruitment, job volumes reached their nadir during mid June 2009, with a 77% decrease in HR jobs compared with 2008.


Daniel Cooper, a senior consultant with Joslin Rowe’s HR recruitment team, commented: “Mid-May to mid-June signalled the lowest point, where the only positions being recruited for were incredibly specialist, such as learning & development roles, expat positions and comp & bens. There were very few generalist positions available. However, the last few weeks has seen a marked increase. There’s been an incredible bounce upwards.”

According to Joslin Rowe data, the HR jobs desk is now handling more roles than at any time since the recession was declared in 2008. And, more importantly, the sheer variety of firms recruiting is a strong indicator the market may no longer be in a downward spiral.

“We’ve seen our first few senior HR jobs being released from the legal sector, whilst a number of investment banks and insurance firms are recruiting again – even those who were hardest hit,” said Cooper. “Another positive is the number of HR generalist jobs. Certainly, the recruitment we’re seeing at the moment is way ahead of previous client predictions which all pointed to the end of 2009 before recruitment would reach current levels.”

Conversations with Joslin Rowe clients indicate that departments are now so lean, even a small increase in business activity will necessitate increased HR headcount, with one HR Director admitting his team is so stretched, he might be back up to 2008 headcount levels by the start of 2010.

“The key is of course, whether this growth can be sustained,” admits Cooper. “I think if we start to see jobs for internal recruiters, we’ll certainly know we’re heading in the right direction. At the moment, entry level HR jobs, graduate recruitment and internal recruitment are yet to recover.”

Another positive is that salaries for roles coming to market have remained very competitive. Despite this, candidates who previously earned £70,000 are now willing to look at roles at the £65,000 mark in order to return to the labour market.

Dan Cooper believes, “Job seekers are realistic enough to realise that whilst in the good times they may have seen their salary soar from £50,000 to £70,000, the market has re-aligned itself and they are happy to do the same.”

About Joslin Rowe:
Established in 1982, Joslin Rowe is one of the leading UK financial services recruitment firms in the UK. Joslin Rowe consultants, candidates and clients work together to achieve the best employment opportunities and long term relationships. Joslin Rowe recruits for accountancy jobs and banking jobs along with other financial services jobs across London, Edinburgh and Glasgow including interim contracts, temporary and permanent positions. Joslin Rowe is a Randstad company – the second largest HR services group globally.

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